Video Content

Video content is quickly becoming king of the content world, with platforms such as Instagram and Facebook showing favouritism to the content over just photos on a post. 

Businesses are also starting to see more and more the benefits of having their own YouTube channels. 

 YouTube is owned by Google and is, therefore, a massive video search engine now.   This can help your rankings, push more traffic to your site and create more brand awareness. 

Video content doesn’t have to be a cinematic production with lots of lights and cameras, you at your desk giving information and help in your field can do wonders.  But Saffold Digital can help polish that video, add title screens, pop-ups / lower thirds, animated sequences or logos, infographics plus a lot more.

If you hate the idea of being on camera but understand the power video content has.  Why not record what you want to say as a voice-over.  We can then create a video that can demonstrate what you are trying to say with either photo, stock video & icons.  As long as you are getting your message out there, we can help make that possible.

Video Editing

Video Editing software can seem daunting. You have gone out and filmed your content just not sure how to put it all together and give it a professional feel.

We can take your raw video content. Then edit colour grade it and add lower thirds or title cards to make it shine.
Also if you have made a voice-over recording. We can take that and add images, video and effects to help complete the video.

These are very popular as a lot of people don’t like the idea of being on camera.

Animated Squences & infographics

Sometimes videos need just a little extra to help push them beyond competitors and help them stand out.

If you have data that you want to be displayed in a way that’s animated and more engaging than a simple static graph.

Using industry-leading software and a wealth of experience. Saffold Digital can help your videos stand out with a unique and professional feel.

Here is a Logo reveal demo real created as a sample of the standard of work we create.

Photo Slide Shows

Photo slide shows are a great way to show what your company does in a short presentation.  Usually containing the companies latest or best photos. These are typically displayed on monitors in reception areas.  

This is a great low-cost way of producing video content to share that can show potential customers what you do or sell them the emotion or dream you are trying to sell.

Lets create great video content